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1998 Tianjin Optoelectronics Group Co., Ltd., China-wide electronics companies and the South Oil Group joint venture to create Shenzhen Highlight Electronic Co., Ltd.;

1988-1997 Mainly for color TV sets of electrical equipment, the production of switching power supply transformers, high voltage transformer transformers customers at the time of domestic TCL. Konka, high road and so on;

1992 Company switching power supply transformers, audio transformers won the light of China's scientific and technological achievements, the Electrical and Mechanical Industry Gold Award;

1994 Company switching power transformer won the Fifth Asia-Pacific Beijing International Trade Fair Gold Medal: audio transformers, remote power transformers won the Silver Award;

1996 The company successfully passed IS09002 quality system certification, won the World International Electrotechnical Commission of the quality assessment of electronic components certification;

1997 Highlight first product transformation, to provide support for the display class electrical transformer, inductor customers TPV, the Great Wall of Hong Kong, etc .; Hai-start construction of enterprise information, from the MIS system into MRP;

1999 Highlight won the electronic components industry, "the top ten brand names" title; the 18th US International Products Expo and the international awards ceremony awarded the "International Gold Award" and the "International Famous Brand Brand Award"

2001 Highlight second product transformation, a comprehensive into the communications industry;

2002 Successful development of network transformers, production scale:

2003 A comprehensive intervention Huawei ADSL. XDSL product development and development of linear power supply;

2005 In August, Highlight held UFIDA ERP-ua project start-up meeting. At the end of December, Highlight ERP system was formally launched.;

2006 ROHS system into a comprehensive and implementation:

2007 At the end of 2007 to start a comprehensive flat-panel transformers, flat-panel electric clamor, separator R & D and production;

2008 Production base by the Nanshan District, the first oil industrial zone moved to Baoan District, Shiyan Town, Tangtou third industrial zone, expand production scale, capacity increased by 50%. For the company to further develop a new platform;

2009 Sea-light company management to enhance the year; successfully IS014001: 2004 environmental management system demonstration; IS09001: 2000 version of the power transfer version 3JIS09001: 2008 edition; Hai-won Huawei's first green partner.

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