Telecommunication Power Supply

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DC/DC Power Module

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DC/DC Power Module Performance Features:

Input Voltage: DC/DC 18V-144VDC, 124V-144VDC, 60V-144VDC, 90V-360VAC

Input Voltage Adjustment Rate: <0.5%

Input Frequency: 47-440Hz

Output Voltage: 3.3-160VDC

Output Voltage Accuracy: Route 1 <1%, Route 2 <2%, Route 3 <5%

Load Adjustment Rate: <0.5%

Output Power: 0.5-30W

Output Ripple, Noise: <1%

Protection Functions: Over-current, Short Circuit Protection (automatic recovery after eliminating overload or short circuit), Overheat Protection (automatic recovery after temperature reduction), Over-voltage Protection (according to user requirements)

Switching Frequency: 300KHz

Operating Efficiency: 80%

Temperature Drift Coefficient: <0.03%/℃

Hold-up Time: 20ms

Isolation Voltage: Input to Output: 2500VAC/1min;

Input to Ground (chassis): 2000VAC/1min;

Output to Ground (chassis): 500VAC/1min;

Output between: 500VDC (leakage current: 5mA)

Heat Dissipation: Natural cooling, no need for additional heat sinks

Operating Humidity: 20%-95%RH

Operating Temperature: -25℃ to +75℃

Storage Temperature: -45℃ to +90℃.

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